Adventures with Ranger Joe

Adventures with Ranger Joe

2 Seasons

Join Ranger Joe and Bobby on their state park adventures as they work and learn about God's word together.

Adventures with Ranger Joe
  • Ready Player Bobby

    Episode 1

    After his “churchcation,” Bobby has a difficult time returning to work in the renovated cabin. Ranger Joe is sent on a mission.

  • The Contest

    Episode 2

    When he learns about an upcoming contest, Bobby makes big plans to win using Ranger Joe’s help.

  • Monkey Business

    Episode 3

    The arrival of Jake Smith makes Bobby question the truth about Cedar Springs State Park.

  • Ranger Bob, Meet Joey

    Episode 4

    Bobby feels Ranger Joe isn’t working very hard, but the tables are turned in an unexpected way.

  • Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Da

    Episode 5

    Ranger Joe and Bobby are tasked with creating a plan to save the Park, as long as Stan approves it.

  • A Sarah Shaped Hole

    Episode 6

    When Ranger Joe interviews a potential replacement for Sarah, Bobby learns all about her - and himself.

  • Perfect Score

    Episode 7

    Ranger Joe gives Monique and Bobby a pop-quiz, but their knowledge is not the only thing tested.

  • The Sign of a Rash

    Episode 8

    With their friendship on the rocks, Bobby has to deliver some hard news to Monique - or else.

  • A Bard Day

    Episode 9

    When she finds out there are only two tickets to “The Cabin Awards”, Monique steps up to earn hers.

  • What’s YOUR Problem?

    Episode 10

    To Monique, everything seems to be going right. So why does it feel wrong?

  • Non-trivial Pursuits

    Episode 11

    When Monique’s knowledge is put to the test, Bobby steps up to teach her the Bible in a unique way.

  • Three’s a Crowd

    Episode 12

    In the season finale of Adventures with Ranger Joe, HQ delivers some bad news, and Bobby and Monique must learn how to work together - or not at all.