Thinking Biblically about Culture

Thinking Biblically about Culture

6 Episodes

As believers, one of the questions we have is, “What does everything mean?” This played out in culture in the arts, science, entertainment, etc. How do we as Christians view our cultures biblically? Join Dr. Grant Horner as he introduces cultural hermeneutics to help us interpret culture from a biblical perspective and bolsters our biblical worldview toward society.

Thinking Biblically about Culture
  • Why Do We Have Culture?

    Episode 1

    Dr. Grant Horner begins to guide us through how Christians should think about culture theologically and biblically.

  • The Theology of Culture

    Episode 2

    We must learn how to live in the culture of the day and live our lives for the one true God. Dr. Grant Horner give us biblical examples of men who did just that.

  • Paradise Lost in Culture

    Episode 3

    We live in a world where we are constantly surrounded by echoes of Eden, but paradise has been lost because of sin. Dr. Grant Horner shows how we can find the image of God, even in the culture of paradise lost.

  • What is the Origin of Culture?

    Episode 4

    Very few of us have thought about the origin of culture. Dr. Grant Horner shows us where culture comes from and its theological origins.

  • Everything is Interesting

    Episode 5

    When we put culture into a proper theological, biblical framework, everything becomes interesting. Dr. Grant Horner discusses why that is.

  • Everything Makes Sense

    Episode 6

    When you begin to compare human culture with Scripture and put it in the framework of what human depravity does through the suppression of of truth of God in man, then everything in human culture begins to make sense.