Thinking Biblically about Dinosaurs

Thinking Biblically about Dinosaurs

6 Episodes

How should Christians think about dinosaurs? How can we understand dinosaurs from a biblical creationist perspective? As Christians, we have a big theological “tangle of things” that we want to be able to sort through. Join Dr. Matthew McLain, a creationist paleontologist, as he walks us through what God’s Word tells us about dinosaurs and how science helps us fill in the details to help form a proper biblical worldview in this critical area of creation.

Thinking Biblically about Dinosaurs
  • Why Do We Disagree About Dinosaurs?

    Episode 1

    Dr. McClain discusses why we disagree with the secular culture about dinosaurs.

  • How Do We Know About Dinosaurs?

    Episode 2

    Since dinosaurs lived thousands of years ago, how do we know about them? Dr. Matt McClain discusses the physical and historical evidence that helps us understand more about dinosaurs.

  • What is a Dinosaur?

    Episode 3

    How do we identify dinosaurs? Dr. Matt McClain guides us through how paleontologists determine what is and isn’t a dinosaur.

  • What Are the Different Types of Dinosaurs?

    Episode 4

    The glory of God is exhibited through dinosaurs. Dr. McClain discusses the main category of dinosaurs and then guides us through the many kinds of dinosaurs God created.

  • Birds and Dinsosaurs

    Episode 5

    Evolutionists believe birds evolved from dinosaurs. Dr. McClain walks us through the reasons for this theory and how creationists respond to it.

  • What Happened to the Dinosaurs?

    Episode 6

    There are different opinions about what happened to the dinosaurs. Dr. McClain walks us through the evolutionist perspective and a biblical creationist perspective.