Thinking Biblically About Education

Thinking Biblically About Education

4 Episodes

Our culture will tell you that education is the ticket to living the American dream. Is that biblical? What should education encompass? What should we learn? Is there anything we should not learn? Join Dr. Jordan Morton as she walks us through a proper biblical worldview of education and how Jesus’s model of discipleship and His use of stories can guide us in how we should pursue education.

Thinking Biblically About Education
  • Thinking Biblically in Education

    Episode 1

    As Christians, we know the Word of God is to be a light to our feet and a lamp to our path, guiding us through this world. Dr. Jordan Morton lays the foundation for how we should think biblically about education.

  • The Why of Education

    Episode 2

    What is the purpose of education? Dr. Jordan Morton describes how education should develop and equip Christians who are fit for service to God and His Kingdom.

  • The What of Education

    Episode 3

    Now that we know why education is important in living our lives out for the glory of God, Dr. Morton guides us through what education encompasses.

  • The How of Education

    Episode 4

    We have an abundance of educational options in America. Dr. Morton gives a biblical perspective on whether some options are more or less biblical than others.