Thinking Biblically about Politics

Thinking Biblically about Politics

3 Episodes

How do we live biblically in a political society? Who do we trust? What must we do in politics? What may we do in politics? What power does the government have in our lives? Dr. Gregg Frazer addresses many questions that Christians have struggled with as we seek to live our lives in our political society. We have a responsibility to show the world what is right, what is true, and what is godly. Join Dr. Frazer as he guides us through the challenging questions.

Thinking Biblically about Politics
  • How Do We Live Biblically In a Political Society?

    Episode 1

    Believers in America have begun to face political issues that challenge how they live out their faith. Dr. Gregg Frazer establishes how we are to live biblically in our political society.

  • Who Do You Trust?

    Episode 2

    Where we put our trust is a vital part of living out our faith. Dr. Gregg Frazer helps us understand where our faith should be placed as we navigate life in a political society.

  • What Must We Do As Believers Concerning Government and Politics?

    Episode 3

    Believers have a responsibility to witness to the truth. Dr. Gregg Frazer walks us through how we must live out this responsibility in the area of politics and government.