Thinking Biblically Through the Book of James

Thinking Biblically Through the Book of James

9 Episodes

No book in the New Testament adapts Jesus’ teaching and sayings more than the book of James. James does not just give us doctrine and say, “Now you apply it.” Rather, James immediately gets to the heart of the matter and applies the doctrines to our daily lives. Join Dr. Will Varner, author of four commentaries on the book of James, as he guides us in how James instructs us to glorify our Savior through our lives.

Thinking Biblically Through the Book of James
  • An Overview of the Book of James

    Episode 1

    Dr. William Varner gives us an overview of the book of James which helps set the course for the rest of this series.

  • Consider It All Joy!

    Episode 2

    Dr. Varner guides us through a Biblical perspective of having joy in the midst of trials and temptations.

  • James 1:19-27

    Episode 3

    Dr. Varner shows us how James gives us three marks of true religion.

  • James 2:1-13

    Episode 4

    We are called to care for the poor, and James helps us understand how we honor and obey God in our care for others.

  • James 2:14-26

    Episode 5

    Dr. Varner walks us through a biblical perspective of living out our faith and the role of works in our relationship with Christ.

  • James 3

    Episode 6

    Dr. Varner explains James’ warnings and applications regarding the tongue and the distinctions between wisdom from above and from below.

  • James 4

    Episode 7

    What is our relationship with the world? Dr. Varner walks through James’ biblical perspective on how Christians should view and interact with the world.

  • James 5

    Episode 8

    As Dr. Varner closes his study on the book of James, he guides us through James’ examples from the Old Testament and explains James’ “rescue mission” of calling a brother back to faith.

  • Thinking Biblically Through the Book of James - Trailer