Spotlight focuses on showing our viewers series that they might not have seen before that come highly recommended by the GGS team. It is a mixture of GGS Originals as well as partner-provided videos.

  • The Essential Church

    When governments use Covid emergency act edicts to restrict the gathering and worship of the Church, three pastors facing the risk of imprisonment, unlimited fines, and their own Churches splitting apart take a courageous stand and re-open in the face of a world that has chosen to comply. The Ess...

  • Grace to You

    5 items

    John MacArthur is unleashing God’s truth, one verse at a time, in a weekly television program. Known as a ministry dedicated to teaching the life-transforming truth of God’s Word, Grace to You addresses the critical issues affecting our culture today from a biblical perspective. For full sermons...

  • Men of the Word

    3 seasons

    Men of the Word exists to glorify God by equipping and encouraging men to fulfill their God-ordained roles as leaders in the home, the church, and the world. This is accomplished by providing biblical instruction, personal discipleship, genuine fellowship, and spiritual accountability.

  • Called To Lead

    7 items

    Although the command to the Corinthian church to “act like men” (1 Corinthians 16:13) was written to all the believers at Corinth, the command highlights the fact that the men among them were to be worthy examples of strong, loving, and faithful leadership. Thus, a man who says, “I am not a leade...

  • Every Woman's Grace

    3 seasons

    Every Woman’s Grace (EWG) is a weekly Bible study designed to fulfill the biblical mandate of Titus 2 through the teaching of God’s Word, daily lessons focused on specific texts in Scripture, and fellowship and accountability with other women.

  • Hymns of Grace Music Conference 2024

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    As a congregation, we are familiar with the Hymns of Grace hymnal as the rich resource we use for our congregational singing every Sunday morning. However, many of us may not know that Hymns of Grace is also a ministry whose goal is to serve the body of Christ with biblical teaching and practical...

  • Fundamentals of the Faithful Steward

    6 items

    Fundamentals of the Faithful Steward is designed to challenge your heart attitudes and transform your thinking through exposure to what God has to say about handling finances in His Word. Both the principles and practices of biblical stewardship are covered in-depth in order to equip you to becom...

  • Hymnology
    4 seasons


    4 seasons

    Melding beautiful melodies with eternal truth, learn the historical stories and drama behind hymns that focus on God, His Word, and the Gospel story. Hymns of Grace exist to assist believers in their corporate and private worship of God. The mission of Hymns of Grace is to provide resources that ...

  • Shepherds Conference

    13 seasons

    The mission of the Shepherds Conference is to provide the opportunity for men in church leadership to be challenged in their commitment to biblical ministry and to find encouragement together as servants of the Chief Shepherd.

  • Worship Conversations

    4 items

    Philip Webb sits down with a variety of individuals to discuss the importance of biblical worship in the life of the church as well as other topics in this series of candid interviews.

    Executive Producer: Hymns of Grace
    Producer: GCC Video Production and Grace Productions

    For more information o...

  • Lord's Day at Grace

    11 items

    Sunday Livestream & Recent Services

  • Generations of Grace Music

    3 seasons

    Classic hymns and contemporary praise songs are performed in an upbeat praise-band style of music. Viewing options include music videos, lyric/music videos, and lyric videos. Select these by using the drop-down box below.

  • Competing Spectacles

    3 items

    Competing Spectacles, featuring Tony Reinke, was a one-day conference for college students and young adults on how to live faithfully as a Christian in the age of technology.

  • Why The Church?

    3 items

    A one-day men's conference on April 30, 2022, devoted to the centrality of the church. Guest speaker, Dr. Owen Strachan, addresses the question, “Why the church?” and provides powerful answers from God’s Word.

  • Baptisms
    15 items


    15 items

  • A Cheerful Giver

    Robert and Lorena are not well known by the members of Grace Community Church, millions of Grace To You listeners, or thousands of graduates of The Master’s Seminary. Yet everyone who has benefited from these ministries owes a debt of gratitude to the cheerful giving of Robert and Lorena. Learn a...