Adventures with Ranger Joe

Adventures with Ranger Joe

2 Seasons

Join Ranger Joe and Bobby on their state park adventures as they work and learn about God's word together.

Adventures with Ranger Joe
  • Ranger Joe

    Episode 1

    Stuck inside his cabin on a rainy day, Ranger Joe considers what’s best in a game of “Would You Rather.”

  • And Then There Was Bobby

    Episode 2

    When the generator goes down during a storm, Ranger Joe makes a sacrifice for the sake of his new volunteer, Bobby.

  • Color Me Impressed

    Episode 3

    Over a game of cards, Bobby learns there’s more to Ranger Joe’s cabin than meets the eye.

  • The Critter

    Episode 4

    Ranger Joe enlists Bobby’s help investigating who or what’s been eating the birdseed from the bird feeder.

  • The Radio

    Episode 5

    Sarah helps Ranger Joe install a new emergency radio system, and they need to put it to use sooner than expected.

  • Cookies

    Episode 6

    Ranger Joe prepares Sarah a thank you gift for helping with the radio, and Bobby battles temptation.

  • Planning for Answers

    Episode 7

    After a disappointing day of gold-panning, Ranger Joe teaches Bobby how appearances can be deceiving.

  • Raccoon

    Episode 8

    While Ranger Joe waits for a parcel, he encourages Bobby, who’s had to make a hard decision, and Sarah’s attention is divided, leading to an unexpected arrival.

  • Ingredients for Success

    Episode 9

    Ranger Joe leaves Bobby and Sarah with instructions for making his famous cookies, but Sarah decides to follow her own recipe.

  • Go Van Go

    Episode 10

    Ranger Joe and Bobby’s afternoon of painting collides with Sarah’s repair on the cabin’s work van.

  • Charades

    Episode 11

    During Ranger Joe, Bobby, and Sarah’s game of charades, Bobby is given a terrible task.

  • Where There's Smoke...

    Episode 12

    While Ranger Joe is out of the cabin, Bobby and Sarah’s emergency skills are put to the test.

  • Relics from the Past

    Episode 13

    Bobby brings a special guest to the cabin, and along with Ranger Joe, they experience a blast from the past.

  • The Festival

    Episode 14

    While Ranger Joe, Sarah, and Lizzy are out enjoying the Annual Park Festival, Bobby is left in charge of handling the radio inside the cabin.

  • Training Lizzy

    Episode 15

    After Bobby is pulled away to his father’s farm and Lizzy volunteers to help for the day, Sarah shows her the ropes before deciding to make a big change.

  • Books, Boasts, and Boxes

    Episode 16

    Ranger Joe, Bobby, and Sarah receive a challenging shipment of park supplies.

  • First Place Goes to...

    Episode 17

    Bobby helps Ranger Joe prepare for the Annual Ranger Round-Up by whatever means necessary, but they’re thrown an unexpected curveball.

  • The Lodge

    Episode 18

    Desperate for a change of pace, Bobby joins Ranger Joe on an expedition to the far side of the park. Sarah strives to make a good impression on her upcoming performance review.

  • Living the Dream

    Episode 19

    When Ranger Joe’s radio goes missing, Bobby jumps on the chance to return to the Lodge and to escape his boredom.

  • Consequence

    Episode 20

    As Ranger Joe grapples with Bobby’s decision, Sarah doubles her work efforts in the hopes of receiving a promotion. At the Lodge, Bobby comes to terms with his decision.

  • Bobby Returns

    Episode 21

    With the deadline for performance reviews approaching, Ranger Joe realizes that his review of Bobby’s performance could spell disaster.

  • Sarah's Decision

    Episode 22

    It’s Bobby’s first shift as a staff member, but he’s not the only one who has received a promotion.

  • Bobby Work

    Episode 23

    In the season finale, Ranger Joe considers how to encourage Bobby, who’s struggling to juggle his new workload.

  • Season 1 Extra - Q&A with Pastor John

    Episode 24

    Ranger Joe and Pastor John answer questions sent in by kids that watch Ranger Joe about the Bible.